Give your products their best impact

Film scene - Wind turbines

The key-points of a product illustration

Whether for an exploded view, a cut or a ghost view, it is essential that the illustrator understands the product to illustrate. How it is manufactured, assembled, used. An illustrator with industrial production experience has a great advantage.

The technical illustration of an industrial product must be 100% faithful to the final product. The difference between the illustration and a photography of the product must be imperceptible. Respect for dimensions must be total, materials and textures must come closer to reality.

What are the steps to make a technical illustration?

First of all, gather a maximum of data on the product to illustrate. If possible, production files such as plans in DWG format, or even 3D files in STEP or IGES format.
Details of how the product is produced can be useful, which greatly influences its final appearance.

The second step consists of a validation of the product model, to verify that it is in conformity with the final product.

Finally, the realization of the technical illustration itself, in low resolution first, then in high resolution, depending on the final usage.